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I am more a writer, dancer and artist than a businessman. So at the moment I am working hard at learning about marketing while building a business on solid ground. And I am actually making progress. Everything is interconnected!
I am not interested in the "get rich quick" stuff. And I understand that auto responders are quite useful but I believe human contact is paramount, so I am looking forward to work with people that can communicate well without an autoresponder or automated emails.
When Nomads Press originally published my book "A Vagabond in Mexico" some of my reviewers were somewhat disappointed at the lack of information concerning myself. And they had their reasons; this was my biographical entry for the back cover:
"About himself, S. Guzman-C. allows little to be said for the moment; it would be redundant. As you read on you will get to know him some, for he actually was...a vagabond in Mexico".

Upon reading such a short entry they thought that perhaps I was trying to create mystery to sell the book. And in their opinion the opposite was true; more information about the author would have been a boost. They wanted more. And perhaps they were right. Our conditioned mind always wants to know the why. Why did I become a vagabond in Mexico? So perhaps they will be pleased with my new book, "The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda". It explains, to a great extent, why I became a wanderer. This is the foreword:
"In days of yore (not quite fully aware of what I was doing, I must confess) I left everything behind in search of The Eye of the Dragon. At the beginning of my journey, I came across the teachings of the ancient Toltecs of Mexico through the works of Carlos Castaneda. The wisdom of don Juan, a Mexican Yaqui Indian shaman, was a beacon, but in 2001 I came across derogatory information about Castaneda, which cast a shadow on his credibility and proved conclusively that many of his claims (and to a great extent his work with don Juan) were fraudulent. At the time, I had verified that much of what he had written about was true, and the new and discrediting facts greatly puzzled me. They also forced me to question my findings and convictions, and to look in other directions to corroborate further.

Furthermore, it had been claimed that Castaneda had left this world in full consciousness taking his body with him, and the turmoil and utter disappointment that Castaneda’s ordinary death (due to cancer of the liver) caused in many of his closest followers, made me realize how blind human beings can be and how ready we are to miss a point and become either judges or victims. I am writing these notes with a double purpose: to help me get a better perspective and a new direction, and to maybe help a few others do the same".

So who is S (Rio) Guzman? Is this blog throwing some light? According to what I have found there is not much of an "I" anywhere. This "I" that we put so much stock on is not the same from day to day, or from moment to moment. As an example, being a businessman is quite an accident for me; life has strange twists, doesn't it? Did I make a wrong turn somewhere? But then again, everything is interconnected. Every being in this planet has a path to follow, which is interwoven with all other paths. Are there any "wrong" turns?

I have verified that nothing in this world is actually explainable; it is all energy in motion. When the Buddha says, "Regard this fleeting world as a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream; a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream", he can't be more explicit. You see, magic is afoot, although we have the uncanny ability to ignore it completely. We live in a daze; we live in confusion, a confusion caused precisely by our undiciplined ego, our self-absorption. But who is this "I" anyway? Who are we really? I leave you with the question; for it behooves all of us to do our homework, our due diligence.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
La Broi Walton Rating Given: *****
"I have had the honor of knowing Rio for only a short while, but I am glad to have met such a rare, respectful, honest, and helpful person as he is. As many of you know, finding good people to associate with and work with are hard to come by. So I am proud to say that that Rio is a person I have enjoyed associating with and look forward to associating with more in the future. Thank you again for all your help and doing it with a legitimate smile on your face!! I will see you at the top!!"   

Tags: Rio helpful honest honor associating respectful Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
GDI -Global Domains International, Inc. Rating Given: *****
"I find Rio to be an honorable and trustworthy person. He is happy when helping others achieve their own goals. It is an honor to be his partner and friend."   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Barry Pope Associates, LLC Rating Given: *****
"Thanks Rio for ALL of your help and support!

I too, am somewhat of an artist; retired from broadcasting, but I love Internet marketing, and no plans of giving up on it

Once again, thanks for being there when you're needed, and right now, I need it!"   

Tags: online business Business Opportunity opportunity seekers Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Helen Bertrand Rating Given: *****
"I have enjoyed being associated with Rio these past few months. He has proven to be very warm and receptive to new ideas and isn't afraid to ask a question or ask for help if needed (like so many others are). He has been a source of information to me as well! "   


iKarma Rating: 100%
Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I am honored to have an opportunity to review Rio. Since our association I have found Rio to be very knowledgeable and possess the highest level of integrity. He will go the extra mile to ensure success and make every effort to alleviate any and all obstacles that would impede success for him and his associates. In my opinion, Rio is a prime example of excellence, such a rare commodity in this day and age. His attention to detail builds long-lasting relationships and gives a welcomed sense of pa"   more...

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