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Debt effects the quality of a persons life. Just as no two people are alike, not every debt situation can be solved with the same tools.
American Debt Enders was created by Certified Credit Counselors dissatisfied with not being able to offer multiple solutions to debtors. Because all our consultations are free and without obligation, and because we are Certified Credit Counselors not sales people, even those who choose not to enroll in one of the many debt relief programs offered take away substantial information and become better informed as to there options.
American Debt Enders is not a provider of debt management, debt settlement or credit restoration services. Debt Relief Programs are offered through a contractual arrangement with Consumer Debt Solutions.

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kirk gallaway Rating Given: *****
"Hey, talk about good karma. I phoned these guys about pursuing a tack on resolving my creit card debt, that they couldn't profit on, and he graciously gave me time and informed me of my options.These are good people."   

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Gerard Lagasse Rating Given: *****
"American Deadenders is not only a completely moral company with the highest standards but it is a very kind company. They take the time to understand a person's needs and what is truly best for their circumstances. They then work hard to find the very best solution during a very trying time. "   


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Patricia Mericle Rating Given: *****
"American Debt Enders is an excellent company to do business with. They are very knowledgeable, caring, and understanding. Steven, who I worked with over the phone, gave me great customer service and was very caring and patient. I would recommend anyone who is in debt to give them a call! "   


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Build Real Credit Rating Given: ***
"I was looking for information on credit repair that actually show you how to repair your credit yourself, but have just found the same info you could read for free credit repair exposed. On October 27th 2010 these credit repair can not accept any money till after they do what they promised. We offer Build Real Credit software that will help you raise your FICO score by repairing your credit report and settle your debt. an easy and affordable solution."   

Tags: Credit Repair Credit Repair Software Debt Settlement american debt enders Detail

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Thomas Hocking Rating Given: *****
"Hello all, let me 1st say this.... I am disabled & had absolutely NO WHERE TO TURN !!!
I was all over the place on line & by sheer luck found AMERICAN DEBT ENDERS. More over Steven Ciantro. He is the only one who took the time to really talk to me & he did more than that. He shared his knowledge with me. Being that I am now disabled & have nothing but time in a chair to try to straighten my financial mess out he has made so much effort & has offered so much more than just advice; he has given"   more...

Tags: Your average citizen looking & needing honest caring effort Detail

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