Review about: Connie Hair Braiding

Written On: Monday, July 14, 2008

Its amazing how this website has the word "karma in it. Well my first experience there on July 27, 2007 was not even good. I called in prior to coming in to get senegelese twists and asked about the price. I wouldnt say that I was lied to, but whoever I talked to on the phone must have been dillusional, and told me $180. So I went there, asking my dad to take me because i had no way there, and they suddenly changed the price to $200. So I asked the women why did the price change so sudden, and they acted confused like i never it was my fault that I didnt get the name of the woman i talked to. My dad gave me an extra $20 (I was lucky he was with me) and he left. I will admit the braids were nice and they were worth the extra $20 judging by how long they were. On top of that when the woman finished my hair, my dad gave her a tip of like $60 i think. That time the ladies were respectful the whole time, even when i asked about the price change, but they were talking about me in their own language, which i think was a little rude, because they acted like i knew there was going to be a price change because of the length. So overall, the braids came out good and it was worth 200 but my dad really didnt have to give her the tip. Now the second time i went there, I was ready. I just got paid on that cold rainy day in December, and I was ready, with my $200 to get my hair braided for the winter. So i got there and the woman started to braid my hair, and when she took a break i noticed they were no where near the length that i had last time. I asked her, "Did you raise the prices for shorter senegelese twists?" Once again she acts dillusional, and says they were always 200 dollars. So not even half of my hair was done, I would say about 20-30% was done and i was there for hours, and that little bit looked a mess, because it was a different female who did it. By this time its getting dark outside, and i ask her for my money back. She says no, and on top of that she took her good time eating her salad. I call my mother because i didnt know what else to do and she wanted to speak to the female who did this, the female said "I'm eating right now, its always been $200." She was really annoying me. I wanted to stay there until i got my money back but i had somewhere to go...she gave me half of the money i paid her (100). So i lost 100 dollars out of my hard earned money, and on top of that she was rude. Bad service+ dillusional women+inconsistency= im never going there again.In the beginning i said that its funny how this website has the word karma in it. I didnt take revenge but God either did or is going to...