Review about: McRae Auto Service

Rating: *
Written On: Wednesday, March 28, 2007

i had a friend to follow me to mc rae auto service to get my car worked on, she said they did her's and her daddys cars good and did'nt charge much. i took her at her word. i needed my valve cover gaskets changed. which i had in the trunk of my car . i needed the oxygen sensor changed, and my thermostat changed. the car was losing pressure. i left it there. i told them i would not have the money for repairs till october3rd 2006. so they could take their time. . before we could get pulled out of the lott someone had taken my car and went down the road with it. i just figured they were trying it out. i had a half a tank of gas in it when i left it. when i went back october the 3rd to pick up my car . the man pulled it to the front. i figured it was fixed. i payed them and i got in my car to crank it and it would not crank. some of the men went out to a truck sitting there and wasn't paying me any attention. the manager of the apartments husband took me to pick up my car and he said they didn't act like they cared it the car cranked or not. i got them to call the Ford place down the road to pick up my car and fix it. they had to charge the battery . put a brain in it out of a junk car. so i picked it up from the ford place November3rd s check i get social security disability. i turned McRae auot service in to the Better Buisness Beauro . they still refused to do anything. i payed the B.B.B WHAT THEY ASKED TO TAKE MY CASE, I PAYED THEM THEY SENT A LETTER BACK TO ME SAYING I COULD TAKE THE PLACE TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT. . SURE I CAN'T AFFORD TO TAKE THIS TO COURT. EVEN THE COURT BEING IN THIS COUNTY. AND THEY HAVE TWO BUISNESS OVER THERE WHO DO YOU THINK WOULD WIN THE CASE?