Michael W. Pokocky (N/R)


Sunday, October 29, 2006
Review #1784

"We often wonder about why we are here. This is certainly a question Tom has explored many times, and each time has re-invented himself in line with the true authentic self that reveals itself to him. This metamorphosis is necessary for the growth of the individual self. Tom has taken many journey's and each one has given him the wonderful experiences that has helped shape a certain restrained wisdom; a gentleman's wisdom, which he gladly and willingly shares with those he meets. I have been fortunate to know Tom for a long time, and have witnessed and understood the new self he presents to me each time he returns from an inward journey. Tom's edict is to share what he knows with his friends, and even those he doesn't know, but soon will."_Michael Pokocky Founder & CEO of Sophistica World 2006.