In a world where it has become increasingly difficult to tell the good guys from the bad, we at iKarma are excited about the potential impact of reputation systems on markets, businesses and the average consumer. We believe that a good name is truly the best marketing money can't buy, and are proud to help deliver that message to the world.

We also believe that the subject poses some very important - and mostly still unanswered - questions. What is the true value of reputation in business today? How much is a really good stockbroker worth? Or an honest auto mechanic? Or simply a dependable babysitter? How much more could a business charge if its reputation were more verifiable, if the experiences of its past customers were more readily available?

We believe the entire subject is fascinating, and underreported. We hope that the stories you find here at iKarma will spark your imagination and provide insights for your readers about this very important and relevant topic.

To that end, iKarma provides a selection of tools and resources available for members of the press to aid in researching interesting story ideas about iKarma members. We call this feature our iKarma Press Pass, and it is available for free to verified members of the media. To learn more about iKarma Press Pass, click here.