iKarma International

iKarma understands that the global economy is making reputation increasingly more important to commerce. iKarma was created with the global community in mind allows our users to create profiles and make comments in any language. We are now seeking worldwide partners to help launch our service worldwide. iKarma will be available in a number of languages in the very near future.

The Internet made hiring across borders easier than ever. iKarma, with its focus on reputation and openness, will provide employers and employees with the advantage of being able to conveniently access and display valuable personal and business references.

Employers are more likely to hire global employees if they know they are reputable and trustworthy. Consultants can work with organizations in any foreign country, but it is often difficult to know if the person you are hiring has a good reputation. iKarma provides the tools you needed to bring confidence and security to online transactions.

If you are interested in partnering with us to help bring iKarma into your country, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at international@ikarma.com with your information and ideas.

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