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Investor Relations | Public Relations ("IRPR")

IRPR is a family of complimentary services whose goal is to eliminate inefficiencies in today’s financial product marketing process. The foundation of these services is the largest, most detailed and up-to-date database of financial advisers in the world.

In our financial ecosystem, Companies need Brokers to recommend their stock, Brokers need investors to buy their recommendations and Investors need quality stocks to build their net worth.

In today's highly regulated environment, Companies can not talk directly to investors, Investors shun calls from stockbrokers and the brokers are inundated with stock recommendations from analysts and media.

Our websites rearrange the relationship flow so that each party gives the others what they desire.

InvestorPoint offers Financial Advisers a state of the art Financial News website free from ads of online competitors. The site provides Quotes, Tags and News on Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds and Futures. It also features a blog on todays market activity and advancers and decliners.

Each advisers profile is prominently featured on all pages their clients and prospects view ensuring they are the star.

Financial Advisors can enroll through our BrokerPoint service which enables them to better serve their clients, prospect for new customers and receive incoming web search traffic for the stocks and sectors they follow and recommend.

Investor Marketing enables publicly traded companies offering consumer goods and services to create synergy between their own sales force and the prospecting and advisory activities of the Financial Advisers.

Financial Advisers are often ideal customers of these companies as they are traditionally voracious consumers earning an average of over $200k a year. Additionally, the average Financial Adviser influences the purchase and investment behavior of 250 equally affluent and influential clients. The result, every time a Financial Adviser recommends a company as a potential investment they simultaneously recommend their products and brand.


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"I worked with Dave at both Sterling Financial and Joseph Charles & Associates. While there I spent the large majority of my time building a brokerage automation system for the firms. When I first arrived I knew very little about the industry and had a large learning curve. Throughout the development, there was one person I could rely on to give me accurate advice and guidance on the development. That person was Dave. He knew the back office functions better than anyone. Combined with his un"   more...

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