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Market Trend Signal, an innovative company that provides trending information on thousands of stocks, has helped investors make profitable trades in both bull and bear markets. Codifying the results of the system into a book, Market Trend Signal’s Jesse P. Webb released Trend Following Stocks: How to Trade Stocks Profitably in any Market, published by Market Harbinger Institute LLC in 2010. Divided into eight chapters, Trend Following Stocks begins with a discussion of the basics of stock trading theory. Relying on the Market Trend Signal system, Trend Following Stocks then describes the concept of buying and selling a trend. In the second chapter of the book, time frame signals are discussed, and the six steps of the Market Trend Signal trading system are outlined. These steps are named “Market Direction Dictates the Trade,” “StrengthRank to Find Leadership,” “Stock Direction,” Money Management,” “Trade Decision,” and “Trade Management.” Finally, chapter two closes with a discussion of probable results, based on experience garnered by Market Trend Signal. Chapter three discusses Market Trend Signal’s innovative MuscleStocks technique and a variety of common investor mistakes. In chapter four, entrance and exit strategies are explored, as well as the use of various types of stop and limit orders. The chapter ends with a discussion of Market Trend Signal’s shorting process. In subsequent chapters, readers go into further depth on the Market Trend Signal system and how it can be used to generate profits. Trend Following Stocks ends with a discussion of options strategies developed by the team at Market Trend Signal. A free sample of Trend Following Stocks can be obtained by visiting the book’s website, The website also includes information on the Market Trend Signal trading system and provides a link for purchasing Trend Following Stocks.

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