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Merrill Lynch
Financial Advisor
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Walnut Creek, CA 94598
United States
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An alumnus of the University of California, Berkeley, Mr. Curtis Stahle has built a solid reputation in the finance service industry since obtaining his Bachelor of Arts in International Business. Curtis Stahle commenced his career as an Associate at Smith Barney, currently Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, where he first began to garner experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. After working in Smith Barney offices in Sun Valley, Idaho and Seattle, Washington, Curtis Stahle took a position as a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley’s Seattle offices. Today, Curtis Stahle applies his expertise to a Financial Advisor position at Merrill Lynch, where he applies a disciplined investment process to create financial solutions for his clients. Curtis Stahle leads each of his clients toward their financial goals by carefully considering the client’s wants, needs, and capabilities, while at the same time focuses on flexibility solutions to adjust to life events. Curtis Stahle enjoys the outdoors and maintains membership in The Nature Conservancy, an organization dedicated to safeguarding ecological areas around the world. In his downtime, Curtis Stahle can often be found hiking, biking, fly-fishing, and swimming. Dedicated to family, Curtis Stahle goes out of his way to champion their causes. He has a close family member with diabetes and passionately supports the American Diabetes Association.

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