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An international entrepreneur, Kevin McKenzie has assumed leadership roles in several top-tier financial organizations. Kevin McKenzie began his career in the employ of the world renowned firm of Morgan Stanley. As a Private Equity Associate, Kevin McKenzie was responsible for the company’s dealings in Chinese real estate. China has figured prominently on Kevin McKenzie’s resume. The government of Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs assigned Kevin McKenzie to the Royal Bank of Canada in Shanghai. In service to both countries, Kevin McKenzie proved instrumental in the success of projects designed to benefit the two nations economically. Quickly ascending the ranks of global commerce, Kevin McKenzie became Vice President of Cerberus Capital Management, a private equity firm based in New York. Kevin McKenzie later emerged in the international business community as an entrepreneur. Kevin McKenzie founded venture capital firm MKW Capital Management and made numerous investments in travel, entertainment, and media. Many of his investments helped to energize and invigorate the tourist industry in China’s Macau region. Kevin McKenzie is a driving force behind Ignite Media Group, a conglomerate of businesses striving to supplement Macau’s attractions, currently dominated by casinos and gaming, with family oriented fare, thereby broadening the tourist base. Kevin McKenzie supervises all marketing and promotional efforts to attract more international travelers to Macau.

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