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Magnale, LLC
President, CEO
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Jefferson Township, PA 18436
United States
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After graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration and Computer Science from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, Jim Giombetti immediately began to cultivate his acumen in the realms of sales and business development. As Senior Account Executive at Spring Hill Data Processing from 1984 to 1986, Jim Giombetti proved a consistent and reliable employee with $15 million in sales over the course of his tenure. Leaving Spring Hill Date Processing to take a position as Chief Executive Officer and President of Spectrum International in Jermyn, Pennsylvania, Jim Giombetti held oversight for 120 employees and increased revenue from zero to $7 million. Following Spectrum International, Jim Giombetti joined Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania-based Computer Techniques as Vice President of Business Development, where served from 1991 to 1994. Jim Giombetti doubled revenue, ensured operating margins of 20 percent, and managed such clients as the New York City Department of Human Resources, the Carrier Corporation, and Alfred Hospital in Australia. In Overland Park, Kansas, Jim Giombetti took on a role as Senior Manager of Business Development at Yellow Logistics Services and implemented a strategy to grow revenue to $28 million within 21 months' time. Upon the sale of Yellow Logistics Services to TNT Logistics in Linthicum, Maryland, Jim Giombetti entered the new company as Vice President of Business Development and in two years helped TNT increase its worth from $23 million to $76 million. As a result of his solid performance at TNT Logistics, FedEx Supply Chain Services recruited Jim Giombetti as Director of Business Development. For the past decade, Jim Giombetti has held senior and executive positions at Mystic Holdings in Connecticut, and Aelera Corp. in Georgia, operating in the areas of infrastructure, software development, and logistics. Since December 2007, Jim Giombetti has run Magnale, LLC in New Hope, Pennsylvania, where he helps client organizations outperform the regional competition through the Web-based infrastructure platform CommerceAuthority.

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