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Author, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of the Women In Trucking Association, Ellen Voie has developed an extraordinarily diverse background in the transportation industry. Recognizing the obstacles women face in choosing trucking as a career, Ellen Voie created the non-profit organization in 2007 with the goal of promoting the successful employment of women in the transportation industry.

Ellen Voie’s experience in the trucking and transportation industry began in 1980. While employed as a Traffic Manager for a steel fabricating plant in Wisconsin, Ellen Voie earned a diploma in Traffic and Transportation Management. Adding to her skills and understanding of the industry, Ellen Voie then worked as a dispatcher for a grain-hauling carrier. Co-owning and operating her own small fleet of trucks, Ellen Voie became well-versed in the myriad personal and professional issues related to the trucking industry.

Serving in a number of prominent roles in the transportation industry, Ellen Voie has become a recognized figure in this field. Ellen Voie served for a number of years as Executive Director of Trucker Buddy International, a nonprofit organization designed to facilitate communication between professional drivers and young students through pen-pal and mentoring programs. As Manager of Recruiting and Retention Programs at Schneider National Inc., Ellen Voie created corporate level programs designed to encourage careers in the trade for non-traditional populations, including women. Moreover, Ellen Voie also designed initiatives aimed at improving job conditions for professional drivers and reducing on-the-job dissatisfaction among drivers.

Committed to educating herself about the trucking experience, Ellen Voie attended the Tri-C Truck Driving Academy in Euclid, Ohio, earning her Class A Commercial Drivers License in 2008.

A dedicated advocate for truckers and their families, Ellen Voie has served in many organizations concerned with driver safety and public education about trucking. Ellen Voie received the Skinner Humanitarian award for her contributions to this vital concern.

The author of a number of articles, columns, and several books about trucking and its impact on the family, Ellen Voie is a sought-after resource in the media.

Ellen Voie received a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Journalism and Communication, as well as a Master of Arts degree in Communication, from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

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