Yochanan Williams

Capstone Global Outreach, Inc.
Founder/CEO & Chairman of the Board
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Southlake, TX 76092
United States
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c Harrell Rating Given: *****
"This Dr Yochanan Williams AKA Dr Joesph George and his wife are crooks!!! Do not give, lend or befriend them. I know for a fact they are being investigated for terriosm funding. He will tell you he has a legitimate letter of credit to guarantee. The only guarantee is he and his lovely wife Helen will steal you blind.. Shame on him using the good Lord to take advantage of.
One of his many victoms


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Ann Scalzo Rating Given: *****
"Y David Williams claims to travel the world spreading the teachings of Christ. It's too bad that he doesn't follow those teachings. "   


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Franco Scalzo Rating Given:
"Our foundation lent Mr. Williams a large amount of money for business trips to London in March and May of 2010. He agreed over the phone and in an email sent 2 weeks ago to reimburse us for $52,000 of the monies lent and which he clearly admits that he owes. We were wired $500 a week ago which is a complete utter insult and this so called Reverend is no longer returning calls nor making any attempt to comply with his promise. We are now forced to take legal action against David Y. Williams due"   more...

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