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Palm Beach Homes
Broward Florida - Fort Lauderdale Real Estate
Distinct Estates - Florida Real Estate
Jupiter Island Real Estate
Saint Lucie Florida Homes
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As a member of the iKarma team, I have worked hard to assure the success of iKarma. We have worked diligently to help others allow their ethical practices to be displayed all over the web. We have tried to bring Tags, Reviews, a Network Viewer and much more to our user's experience. We are located in Jupiter Florida and have the goal of helping good clients find good companies.

In the past I have run many other websites and am also a co-owner of a recruiting company.

Along with iKarma, I have recently begun working with a new venture Diabetic Health Agency. Our goal is to provide free or low cost diabetes supplies and meters to patients all over the US. As part of our ongoing efforts we are working on a new sites Diabetic Program, free diabetes supplies, and free glucse meter. Maintaining diabetes is difficult, so the goal of this site will be to provide a full program for diabetics to maintain their treatment with as much ease as possible. With any luck we'll be diligently providing diabetes care to patients all over the country.

My wife is the owner of Distinct Estates and services the south Florida area including the Miami homes market.

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iKarma Rating: 100%
About: Steven Schafer Rating Given: *****
"My wife has worked hard to become a top real estate agent in Palm Beach, Florida. In doing so, we have found that we need excellent support people around her. She has had several listings and found that homes she lists with virtual tours may sell more quickly than those without them.

My wife chose Steven's company, Realty Support Systems to do her virtual tours. Steven was both professional and supportive in helping her set up the tour on her own site and

I believe that m"   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
About: Rating Given: *****
"When I was going out to Tahoe to go skiing, I found Tahoe Powder House online. They had the best rates I could find on ski rentals and when I ordered online they even gave 25% off. They did a great job and I was difficult. I switched my skis each day for 4 days then went on and rented a snowboard. They were always easy going and didn't charge anything additional for the extra work. "   

Tags: lake tahoe heavenly ski rental snowboard rental ski shop lake tahoe ski rental Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
About: Andrew Mayer Rating Given: *****
"Long before the formation of iKarma, I worked with Andrew on the design and implementation of As the lead developer for Tripnosis, Andrew showed that his skills were far in advance of his title. He acted as an amazing manager and his work ethic was impeccable. While Tripnosis gathered a user base close to one million, it went the way of many of the other P2P networks of the time and went out of business. However, I never lost contact with Andrew as I knew he’d be a valuable asset "   more...

Tags: web design iKarma ASP C# developer MSSQL PHP CSS web 2.0 Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
About: David Hughes Rating Given: *****
"I worked with Dave at both Sterling Financial and Joseph Charles & Associates. While there I spent the large majority of my time building a brokerage automation system for the firms. When I first arrived I knew very little about the industry and had a large learning curve. Throughout the development, there was one person I could rely on to give me accurate advice and guidance on the development. That person was Dave. He knew the back office functions better than anyone. Combined with his un"   more...

Tags: broker stock bonds stocks bond back office brokerage jvb JVB Financial Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
About: Rating Given: *****
"We needed a re-design of our logo so that it would be usable for an article that was being written about iKarma. When we turned to Chris, he immediately responded and got our re-design done the same day. Based on his professionalism and quality, I would recommend him to anyone."   

Tags: web design Logo Design logos Detail

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