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Spectrum Energy Research Corp.
David Randall (Randy) Young, CEO
904 Richards Ave
Clearwater, FL 33755
727 446 8022


There is a very fast method of “proving” that an HHO generator does not increase gas mileage. Connect an HHO generator to your car's engine and turn it on. There are two things you will observe for most cars with computer controlled fuel injection (which is most cars on the road today). Your horsepower will increase and your gas mileage will worsen. Your first reaction is that it doesn’t work and you’ve wasted your money.
If this is as far as you have delved into the field, it is a reasonable reaction. Because if all you do is the above, you will get no other result. Anyone selling you just an HHO generator to increase your gas mileage is telling you a half truth and it will appear to be an outright lie.
So how do you increase your gas mileage?  You must reduce the amount of gas being pumped into your engine. How do you do that? There are two common ways to do this. Both have to do with the Oxygen Sensor(s) of your car. (We’ll call it an O2 sensor in this article) 
The O2 sensor’s function is to monitor the chemical make up of the exhaust fumes and send a signal to the On-board computer. The computer reads this voltage signal and makes adjustments to maintain a 14.7 to 1 air to gas mixture.
The O2 Sensor has two goals: 1. Help the engine run efficiently, but more importantly 2. maintains a low level of emissions.  The current EPA laws give a standard that must be met to market a car.  The 14.7 to 1 ratio is richer then needed for good performance. The unburned fuel is used in the catalytic converter to maintain a fire which burns the remaining emissions. When the engine runs with the optimum mixture, there is not enough fuel to maintain combustion in reaction with the catalytic converter. There's the trade off the manufacturers have to live with.
When HHO is introduced into the fuel mixture, a cleaner burn of the fuel occurs, producing a lean read at the O2 Sensor. The computer adjusts the fuel injectors to compensate for the "lean mixture" and your gas mileage drops.
How do you get the computer to adjust to this new, clean fuel?
There are two common methods to alter the O2 Sensor signal:
1.Alter the O2 sensor’s ability to analyze the exhaust.
2.2. Alter the voltage signal from the O2 sensor to the computer.

Altering the O2 Sensor analysis:
A common solution is to lift the O2 sensor out of the exhaust stream, using an O2 Sensor extender. Another method recommended by some booklets is to wrap the O2 Sensor with aluminum foil. Both methods have limited workability. You may get about a 2 mpg savings.
Altering the O2 Sensor Signal Electronically:
The second and better method is accomplished with an O2 Sensor voltage adjuster, also known as an EFIE, Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer. The EFIE is an electronic device placed between the O2 Sensor and computer. The EFIE is manually adjusted to enforce a leaner mixture. A benefit of an EFIE device is that it can be on the same electrical circuit as the HHO generator. If you take your HHO Generator off line, the O2 sensor signal reverts back to its original operation. It may be easier to take a short cut using extenders or aluminum foil, but for the best result go with an EFIE.
For information on how you can SAVE MONEY and HELP THE ENVIRONMENT, please visit our partner company, HYBRIDgen International at HYBRIDgen dot com.

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Spectrum Energy Research Corp

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