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"Never use this person, never!

I asked for two sites -- things went along well at first. When the initial sites were delivered, they were in two zip files (one for each site). One site worked when I unpacked the zip file, the other did not -- it didn't have the right files in it.

I wrote to Lori and asked what to do, she told me to copy x to y. But, her directions were wrong. I had to read the HTML to figure it out.

Later I asked her to do something to the header -- she gave me a ve"   more...


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After delivery files (which WERE properly packaged, not properly uploaded by him) and final payment, Eliot began to send unpleasant emails degrading my work, and professionalism because he caused errors with what was provided by making changes that he did not have the skills to make. Full email discussions and coded sites available on request.


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