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History ================================================

My company has combined 57 years of leadership, coaching, speaking, business, & investment experience. Currently offering, creative yet simple, investment solutions for Canadians. Currently, I specialize in personal and corporate leadership and life success coaching, joint venture brokering, enlightened secondary income development.

Mission ================================================

" To leave a lasting postive impact, directly and indirectly, on 1 billion individuals through my coaching, mentoring, speaking, and publications, so massive that they pay it forward eternally. "

Business ================================================

- Contracted speaking engagements with various MLM teams
- Numerous joint venture brokering for land and IPO deals
- Avid consultations with charitible tax shelter ambassadors
- Business & Investment event promotional marketing
- Land banking, foreign currency trading, affiliate income development

Accomplishments ================================================

- Started 3 successful small businesses in the communitcations, wholesaling, and advertising industries
- Addressed crowds of 150, 350, 480 and 1700 before turning 21 years of age
- Author of an award winning motivational poetry piece, professionally published dispite failing high school english 2 times
- Started and streamlined a successful tax consultation businesses dispite having failed high school math 5 times.
- Was mentored and studied under this likes of Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jay Aberham, and Les Brown for a solid and consecutive 5 years before turning 21 years of age.


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Thomas Dunn Rating Given: *****
"Rheymar Cabalu is a dynamic speaker! I've known Rheymar for 2 years through a number of real estate conferences. Since we've met Rheymar has been an amazing source of advice for my real estate investment business as well as my small private franchise. My team and I have been privileged to have Rheymar speak for us at a number of company training weekends and conferences, and he has always delivered and had great feedback from our associates. A true enlightened millionaire, we recommend him highl"   more...

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