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Water for LIFE

I am currently the Director and CEO of Global Village International Outreach Ministries.
Hi I am Dr. Billi Dixon and I have been involved in Ministry Outreach over 40 years.

On April 2, 2004 I was conferred Doctor of Divinity by the Church of England's Universal Church Ministries School of Theology for meritorious recognition in Christian Ministry Outreach Service.


Global Village International Outreach Ministries, is a mission-minded outreach, non-profit organization committed to assisting various humanitarian efforts philanthropically throughout the world.

A major fundraising project that we are currently involved with is Life Outreach International as seen on TV.

Their Mission: Water for LIFE has now become MISSION CRITICAL! Water is desperately needed, and clean water means life!

Global Village International is partnering with Life Outreach International in an all out effort to provide fresh drinking water. The goal this year is Five Hundred villages have been targeted to receive a new water well – each in an area of urgent need.

If there was ever a time that we need your help, that time is now! Over 500,000 woman and children will die this month alone, because of contaminated water.

Please watch this short YouTube viral video Here. If there is a problem accessing the hyper-link just copy and paste link below to your browser.

You can also visit their main website to see all that they are doing for the good of mankind. Please visit website:

Please Donate. Thank you!

Blessings My Friends:

Dr. Billi Dixon, DD

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iKarma Rating: 100%
Brad Parent Rating Given: *****
"Dr. Billi and I are on the Mentors in Motion Xooma Marketing team together, as a matter of fact, he is my father's good friend and sponsor. Dr. Billi has impressed me ever since I met him with his warm and compassionate nature, and the depth of his perception into people and human nature in general. His amazing career as an actor and musician were not known to me at first, but as I came to know him, I realized that here is a one-of-a-kind individual. He has rubbed elbows with some of the biggest"   more...

Tags: writer trainer coach teacher Musician Friend Actor minister xooma Veretekk Mentors in Motion APSense x2o Brad Parent Dr Billi Dixon outreach Global Village International Consortium Detail

Postee's Comment

Thank you Brad, your comments are well respected and received.

iKarma Rating: 100%
Accountemps Rating Given: *****
"Dr Billi is a very passionate and caring man and has been a great asset to our
team. He applies what he learns and shares what he knows and it has been a pleasure
working with him. Whatever he does is for the good of others, and that includes his team.

Candice Hampton
MIM Team Trainer"   

Tags: networking health Opportunity Water xooma home business Veretekk Candice Hampton Mentors in Motion Dr. Billi Dixion Detail

Postee's Comment

Thank you Candice for your comments. The are wel received.

iKarma Rating: 100%
A Better Life Coach Rating Given: *****
"I first met Dr. Billi Dixon over a year ago. He had brought a friend to the eye doctor where my wife was also having eye surgery. We talked about our various interests and soon found that we had many interests in common. I was quite impressed by his knowledge and understanding of many of life's problems. We talked for about an hour that day and again a week later when his friend and my wife were having a second surgery. Among topics discussed were business interests. We exchanged email add"   more...

Tags: internet marketing money values family Opportunity lcsw changes home business financial security Mentors in Motion Dr. Billi Dixon DD Crisis Katrina Licensed Clinical Social Worker Retirement Income Enable Anger Xiima WorldWide Estrene X2o Lee M. Parent Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Dave Freed Rating Given: *****

I'd like to point out to you, what an awesome business partner Dr. Billi Dixon is, and how you can benefit from knowing, and working with him. First he's an intelligent Doctor with a successful practice, as well as being a seasoned successful internet marketer who has seen as well as experienced the ups and downs of working online, and with that experience comes solid, confident business decisions that will surely guide you down the road to success.

When you're ready to"   more...

Tags: networking internet marketing personal development Water xooma network marketing law of attraction Success Coach alternative health internet mentor the secret network marketing professional Dave Freed Dr. Billi Dixon internet marketing train Detail

iKarma Rating: 100%
Karen Caffrey Rating Given: *****
"I've had the pleasure of meeting Dr Billi as a member of our Mentors in Motion Xooma Team. He is a valued member of our team, and always ready to help. Dr Billi is positioning his business to achieve great success now and in the future.

Karen Caffrey
Lead Generation Specialist "   

Tags: xooma Mentors in Motion Karen Caffrey Dr Billi Dixon Detail

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