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Innovative Financial Services
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202 Happy Trail
Rhome, TX 76078-2637
United States
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Retire in One Year with a Guaranteed Income
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I was born in Dallas and lived there until I was an adult.

After college I worked in banking, finance, insurance and investment banking before going to work for the IRS and becoming a tax law specialist.

I retired from the IRS in 2001 and continued to supplement my income through internet marketing which I started as much for the tax benefits as much as the added income.

Realizing that most people never achieve their income goals I started providing a service that will do 95% of the work for you and provide a guaranteed monthly income.

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"Karl is a super leader and a good business strategist.

If you contact him and let him know of your questions, you willl always get straight answers, even though they might not be what you wanted to hear (i.e. "No, money does not grow on trees.")

But do stick with him and he will show you the road to success. Since that road is paved with stones of failures, let them be laid down by Karl for you to walk on solidly.

Fred Raley
Woodbridge, VA
(703) 730 1079

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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I don't personally know Karl but was attracted to his honest offer. He helped me set up my TW back office.. I'm very impressed by his work efficiency and pompt responses.
Matt, Malaysia"   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
" i have been on the web now for about 4 or 5 months and as i have known karl green he has always been ther when i needed him for anything to do with my internet problems as far as helping me understand how to do marketing. this was something i had never heard about until i got enternet. he is very sellf explanatory.when it came to asking him quwstions about marketing. and karl thanks for the good job, anna"   


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Anonymous, but Email Verified Rating Given: *****
"I actually stumbled on to Karl when I ended up at his website. I had previously been involved in opportunities where you invest money and then suddenly your sponsor or upline disappears and you are left floundering. Not in this case. Karl has been helpful and always answers my e-mails promptly and has actually given me a sense that maybe there is an opportunity to succeed with the internet. I guess that if you are lucky enough to find someone who will actually take the time to help you succe"   more...


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Nigel Rating Given: *****
"Does this guy ever sleep?!!? As a marketing newbie Karl has been remarkable. I live in the UK, but Karl is always there, answering my ignorant emails in seconds! I am quite sure that the internet can be the future for those determined to succeed. Karl makes it a whole lot easier! Thanks Karl."   


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