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Tom Merilahti
Marketing Integrator & Communication Coordinator
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SICU (Synergy Integrated; Connects the Unconnected
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An INBORN Lateral Thinker, Synergist, Navigator, Ideator, Creator, Contractor, Inspirator, Motivator, Activator and a GLOBAL Teamworker & Networker.

More than 20-years of Experience as a Marketing Integrator, Communication Coordinator and Contractor. Has been working as an Entrepreneur, Marketing Manager, Partner of Advertising, PR and Sponsorship/Event Marketing Agencies, and as a Partner, Employee and Consultant in Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations.

REPRESENTING SICU (Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected)- A Multifunctional Marketing Agency and a Multidimensional Virtual Organization with a broad range of Global Business Networks & Multidisciplinary Contacts.

OPERATING GLOBALLY through SICU Synegy Solutions Group (SICU SSG) affiliated partner organizations and experts.

PRESENTED AS a keynote speaker in marketing and sponsorship seminars and written several articles on Multilateral Marketing Communication in leading Marketing, Commerce & Industry magazines in Finland.

OBJECTIVES: To serve the customer by reducing the Coordination problems and to increase the Opportunities for Creative Cooperation, Added Value, Multiplicative Effects and Cost Effectivity.

MOTTO: Think the Unthinkable and Connect the Unconnected!

SICU WEB: http://www.Synergialaitos.Com
SICU NEWS: http://Synergialaitos.Com/SICU_News.htm
SICU PARTNERS: http://Synergialaitos.Com/Partners.htm
SICU SPOTLIGHTED: http://Synergialaitos.Com/sicu_spotlighted.ppt.pdf
SICU CORPORATE EVENTS: http://www.Synergialaitos.Com/Winning_Company.htm


openBC - XING:
openBC - SICU Synergy Solutions Group:
openBC - The Helsinki Connection:

CIWI - Creative Minds Worldwide:
CIWI - SICU Synergy Solutions Group:



SICU Synergy Solutions Group (SICU SSG) initiates affiliated organizations and individual experts around the world providing them with awareness and exchange in an exiting global structure, its resources, networks, group forums, guidelines and blue prints. For more information open, and

For more information about the SICU SSG, order the SICU POWER point presentation by e-mail:


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iKarma Rating: N/R
Avio-Mar Ltd. Rating Given: *****
"This SICU resource is a very innovative and interesting tool with high potential to create new contacts for professional networking, I will signal it with great interest. Based on my experience about social networking tools available, SICU is at top-level.

Lorenzo Starace from Trieste, Italy "   

Tags: financial research Detail

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Fazila Sciberras Limited Rating Given: *****
""In the short space of time in which I have known Tom I have learned so much and have been given an incredible further drive and focus in my drive on how I would like the future world markets to be eventually reaching The New Age . I am proud to be working with Tom and his mind."

Fazila Sciberras * Fazila Sciberras Ltd * Director * website: *

Representative: SICU SSG, MALTA

SICU WEB: www.Synergialaitos.Com
SICU BLOG: "   more...


iKarma Rating: 100%
Social Computer Rating Given: *****
"Since being introduced to Tom by a trusted member of my network, I have seen nothing but honest, deep interaction and enthusiasm for positive change. More recently I became an affiliate of SICU and since have seen a boundless stream of suggestions, support and leads. This has given me new energy and focus in my work and Tom is providing much needed advice, direction and exposure. Tom's organisation SICU is an embodiment of him as an individual and a beacon in an otherwise sparse ocean."   


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Cristina Andersson Rating Given: *****
"I have cooperated with Tom a few months now. I must say that it is rare to find a person with such creativity, multiple capacities and ability to lateral thinking than Tom. The number and quality of his contacts around the world is very impressive. In Finland Tom is one of the leading "gurus" of marketing and communications, cooperation with him is a priviledge. It is also a pleasure to cooperate with Tom because of his wonderful sense of humour and ability to solve problems in a very positive"   more...


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Michael W. Pokocky Rating Given: *****
""We often wonder about why we are here. This is certainly a question Tom has explored many times, and each time has re-invented himself in line with the true authentic self that reveals itself to him. This metamorphosis is necessary for the growth of the individual self. Tom has taken many journey's and each one has given him the wonderful experiences that has helped shape a certain restrained wisdom; a gentleman's wisdom, which he gladly and willingly shares with those he meets. I have been"   more...


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